Incline Law Group Staff


Willow Cornelius

Legal Assistant to Stacey F. Herhusky, Esq. and Jeremy Krenek, Esq.

Willow Cornelius was born in Canada and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she majored in English, political science and communication at the University of New Mexico. Willow, her husband Brian and their teenage son, Skyler, have resided in Incline Village for almost seven years. Willow enjoys living under the blue skies at Lake Tahoe where she can be found regularly engaging in her favorite activities which include photography, snowboarding, dancing, hiking, camping, travelling, writing, reading and playing with her dog, Shiloh.



Helena Flores

Legal Assistant to Cassell von Baeyer, Esq. and John C. Rogers, Esq.

Originally, from Los Angeles, Helena has lived in Northern Nevada for over 15 years. Helena is Mom to three children, Adrian, Andrew, and Jordyn, as well a Doberman named Snoop. She and her husband, David, are also proud grandparents to Alexis and Trinity. Having been a legal assistant for over 20 years, Helena will quickly tell you she enjoys the people and the challenges that come along with her career. When football season rolls around, you will find Helena and her super-fan family at a game, cheering on her son Andrew.



Crystal Lyle

Legal Assistant to Andrew N. Wolf, Esq. and Vera A. Struc, Esq.

Crystal has lived in the Tahoe area since she was in the third grade. After graduating from North Tahoe High School, she married her high school sweetheart, Robby. Together, they have two English Bulldogs, Winston and Stella. Crystal enjoys paddle boarding, boating, live music and the beaches at Lake Tahoe under the sunny blue skies. The dogs enjoy paddle boarding too; Stella rides in the front sticking her tongue out at everybody and Winston rides the rear. Upon college graduation, Crystal immediately began working in the legal field and has never left as she feels that most legal situations are frustrating and enjoys the opportunity to help relieve clients’ frustrations and ‘make all right in their legal world again’.


Julie - Incline Law Group

Julie M. Malkin-Manning

Marketing & HR Director

Julie Malkin-Manning has spent over 20 years in marketing and events for both profit and nonprofit organizations. Born and raised in metro Detroit, Julie spent 15 years designing and implementing innovative, personalized engagements that educate, connect, motivate, inspire and influence the way people think and act for automotive companies. Since moving to “The Lake” in 2008, Julie has been a marketing and special events manager for nonprofit organizations in the Reno-Tahoe area. She lives in Incline Village with her husband Huckleberry and their dog, Fozzie, and together they spend as much time as possible sleeping in tents, hiking, and enjoying the snow and the lake.


Clarity (klar-i-tee)

  1. Clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity
  2. The quality of being easily understood